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5 April, 2022 - Soccer Girl Goals Feature ● 3 minute read ● 671 words

A 6 - 2 Win for the Singapore Women’s National Team against Seychelles in the FAS Tri-Nations Series 2022 (Women’s)


Women’s football in Singapore is starting to grow and to prove that, the Tri-Nations Series 2022 (Women’s) organised by the Football Association of Singapore has professionally brought in live broadcast, commentary - and it is also the first time tickets have been sold for the women’s game in Singapore.

“When I first heard that we were selling tickets, not going to lie, I felt a bit pressured, but it was a good pressure to push me harder to play the best I can. Seeing not only my friends and family that used to come, even others who have to pay, pushes me even harder to play my best game.” Stephanie Dominguez, Player of the Match from Singapore, commented on the pressure of being a part of the growing game.

Stephanie Dominguez celebrating a goal against Seychelles
Singapore vs Seychelles - Tri-Nations Series 2022 (Women's). PHOTO: FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE

If that’s not exciting enough for you, then let’s get down to the match action. In last night’s game of Singapore vs Seychelles, fans were treated to a total of 8 goals! That’s right, Singapore claimed victory over Seychelles with a score of 6 - 2. It was truly a dominating performance by Singapore, but Seychelles did keep Singapore on their toes by maximising every chance they got.

Singapore scored the opening goal at the 18th minute, when Seychelle’s keeper parried the ball away, only to have Stephanie Dominguez tap the ball into the goal.

Hungry for more, Dominguez scored her second goal of the night in the 25th minute with an assist from Forward, Danelle Tan, who gave a beautiful through ball to Dominguez for her to calmly slot it into the back of the net.

Seychelles responded not long after, in the 30th minute, when Forward Natacha Bibi received a through pass from her teammate and shot it past the keeper.

The second half saw young talents Putri Nur Syaliza and Danelle Tan work together as in the 52nd minute, Syaliza sent a cross across the face of goal that connected with Tan to score Singapore’s 3rd goal.

Seychelles was not out of the game just yet, and in the 71st minute, a defensive error allowed Natacha Bibi to seize the opportunity to score her second goal of the night.

Singapore was quick to pull one back in the 72nd minute as Midfielder, Dorcas Chu headed in a goal from a corner kick.

At the 90+2’ minute mark, Singapore’s Defender, Siti Nurerwadah Erwan caught the Seychelles keeper off her line by taking a long range shot that tipped over the keeper’s fingers and into the goal.

The game ended in a dramatic high as Singapore’s Midfielder, Nur Farhanah Ruhaizat, drew a penalty in the 90+4’ minute. Danelle Tan stepped forward to take the penalty, slotting it beautifully in the bottom left corner, scoring the 6th and final goal for Singapore.

Seychelles Player fights for the ball as Singapore player shields the ball
Singapore vs Seychelles - Tri-Nations Series 2022 (Women's). PHOTO: FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE

With an amazing scoreline, Singapore is not yet satisfied.

“The team stayed disciplined today and they displayed what we worked on. Of course from the result and performance, you can see that there are still a lot of areas we have to work on. Conceding two goals is actually not a very good outcome. That is something we have to go back to the drawing board and work on, because the SEA games is a different ball game altogether.” Stephen Ng, the Head Coach of the Singapore National Team commented on the team’s performance.

At the end of the day, this match gives us three things to celebrate. First, 8 beautiful goals. Second, the growth of women’s football. Lastly, with this game, Seychelles is finally ranked under the FIFA rankings.

“We celebrated women’s football, because firstly we have the first ticket sales in Singapore and I can see that both teams are working very hard to develop football. And we (Seychelles Women’s National Team) are ranked after playing this game. We are finally going global after 10, 20 years, so we are celebrating for today.” Chua Kai Yi Angeline, Head Coach of the Seychelles National Team, who was also an ex-Singapore National Team Player, beamed when asked about today’s game.

Erine Sontaril defends against Seychelles Player
Singapore vs Seychelles - Tri-Nations Series 2022 (Women's). PHOTO: FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE