What Inspired Us?

Growing up, Stef and JW were always told that girls couldn't play football. Despite this, they both had a passion for the game and spent their childhoods playing and practicing whenever they could.

But it wasn't until they watched the Women's World Cup 2019 that they realized the true potential of women's football. The packed stadiums and enthusiastic supporters showed them that there was a huge audience for the sport, and they were determined to do their part to help it grow.

Together, they founded Soccer Girl Goals, a media startup that celebrates women's football from Asia. Through their storytelling, social media coverage, and collaborations with fans, athletes, and forward-thinking brands, they are helping to elevate the profile of women's football in the region.

Stef and JW are on a mission to break down the barriers and stereotypes that have held women's football back for so long. They believe in the power of the game to inspire and empower women, and they are determined to make it possible for girls everywhere to chase their dreams and follow their passion for football.

With Soccer Girl Goals, they are working to create a brighter future for women's football in Asia, and they are excited to be part of the growing movement that is changing the face of the sport.

Press Releases and Media Features


A social media campaign to equip women in sports with the knowledge and resources to stand up for themselves against discrimination.

Singapore-founded campaign keeps score of discrimination that women in sport face - June 14, 2021, The Straits Times, Singapore


This inaugural Women's Panna Challenge was hence birthed from a joint commitment by Soccer Girl Goals, Expy The Lab and FAS to provide more opportunities for women to continue playing competitively while staying safe.

Kejohanan Cabaran Panna Wanita FAS diperkenal (EN: The FAS Women’s Panna Challenge Tournament was introduced) - Dec 16, 2020, Berita Harian, Singapore

Lion City Sailors win FAS Women’s Panna Challenge - Dec 21, 2020, The New Paper, Singapore

Having fun in the cage - Dec 21, 2020, The Straits Times, Singapore