Keeping Score is a campaign started by Soccer Girl Goals that aims to create a safe and equal playing field for women in sports by empowering women in sports with the knowledge and resources to be able to stand up for themselves against discrimination.

We have launched an Affiliate Partners program where brands and organisations who are passionate about the cause can join us by making an actionable commitment to elevate women in sports.

Join us in Keeping Score today!

Our Affiliate Partners

We’re delighted to welcome SportPlus onboard with us as an affiliate partner of Keeping Score. Under the affiliate partnership, SportPlus has committed to equal media coverage for women in sport.

Let's do it!

Keeping Score Affiliate Partnerships are available worldwide.

Simply drop us a quick email about your brand and how you would like to commit to elevating women in sports and we will get back to you on how we can collaborate together.

If you have questions or any suggestions, do drop us an email at

Keeping Score is powered by National Youth Council, Young Changemakers.

Huge thanks to our Community Partners & Sponsors: Futbolita, @womenfootballinsg, Edens Chips, La Liga, Lugiámi Gaming, Arion FA Women's Team, Expy The Lab, French Football Academy, Green Guards.