We are starting Keeping Score because we are sick and tired of being told what a girl can or cannot do in sports.

Once, we were kicking around in Bishan Park when a man came up and started teaching us “how to kick a ball properly”. Growing up, we were also told: “It’s a boy’s game”, “Girls will never be as good as boys in sports”

Even with our numerous sporting achievements, we have had to fight extra hard for recognition and support. Even now, there are naysayers who doubt and harass women who play sports and love to share it.

Watching how the US Women’s National Soccer Team came together to fight for #EqualPay, we were inspired by the change that could happen when women come together and fight against discrimination as one voice.

We realized that if we wanted to be heard, we had to make some noise.

Why is this so important to us (and why you should care too)

As we learned more about discrimination and spoke to female athletes from different sports, we realized that discrimination is more prevalent than we assume.

Discrimination against women and girls is so systemic and normalized that we fail to recognize it. Women and girls who are on the receiving end of discriminatory treatment or harassing behaviour do not know how to react and often remain silent in fear of retaliatory action.

It is 2021 and this should not be happening to anyone, male or female. There is a need to drive a collective effort for all female athletes to arm them with the resources to deal with this mammoth challenge.

Lastly, as female athletes ourselves, we want to leave the playing field a better place than we found it. Are you ready to start #KeepingScore?

What We Aim To Achieve


Drive greater awareness on discrimination, including what constitutes discrimination, the severity and the consequences


Empower women athletes with the resources and knowledge to identify and stand up for themselves against discrimination


Generate positive, healthy and respectful conversations around women in sports


Create a community of women athletes who stand together and support one another

If you have questions or any suggestions, do drop us an email at keepingscore@soccergirlgoals.com

Keeping Score is powered by National Youth Council, Young Changemakers.

Huge thanks to our Community Partners & Sponsors: Futbolita, @womenfootballinsg, Edens Chips, La Liga, Lugiámi Gaming, Arion FA Women's Team, Expy The Lab, French Football Academy, Green Guards.