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A social media campaign to equip women in sports with the knowledge and resources to stand up for themselves against discrimination.

How to respond to discrimination

Case studies, facts & tips you can use to stand up against discrimination

How to respond to comments comparing men and women sport

  • Scientific study by the Sport University Cologne proves that women are as tactically astute as men

    • Scientists got machines to analyse football game data from both genders

    • The study found no considerable difference in individual player or team stats (e.g. passes, shots, dribbles, crosses) between men's or women's football

  • Use facts because numbers do not lie:

How to respond to sexualised / body shaming comments

  • Block and Report (Online)

    • Most mainstream social media platforms (IG, TW etc.) prohibit unwanted sexual advances and content that sexually objectifies and individual without their consent.

  • Make a Stand

    • When safe to do so, call out the behaviour and make it known that it is inappropriate and unacceptable

    • Know that it is not your responsibility to educate people, it is ok to choose to walk away once you've made your stand, or especially in situations where it is not safe

    • Don't stoop to their level. Name calling and personal attacks doesn't help anyone and may just feed the trolls who are seeking attention

  • Support as a Bystander

    • Distract - Redirect the conversation. Try focusing on the athlete's achievements

    • Direct - Be assertive and call the perpetrators out on their behaviour

    • Delegate - Seek assistance from others, especially those with more resources and authority to help

How to respond to comments that put down women in sport

  • It's the 21st century and such misogynistic mindsets are outdated

  • Women participation in sport is growing and women are being recognised on the highest stage in sport

  • Viewership for women sport is not only growing but breaking records at every turn

    • The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) Challenge Cup drew around 572K - 653K viewers on average, breaking viewership by 300% (This viewership was on par with an EPL or MLB game)

    • In 2020, the women's NBA opening day attracted its most viewers, 539K, in 8 years

  • Commercially, women sport is gaining traction and making huge strides forward

How to respond to unequal treatment and opportunities

  • Use your voice

    • Spread awareness of these issues, more people need to know about the inequality that exists and recognise that it's a problem.

  • Use your action

    • Be proactive in contributing towards the women's sporting community, whether it's to share news about it, support the organisations that support women sports, and make sure these organisations succeed. Help show the that it pays to invest in women sports.

  • Use your passion

    • Show your support for women sports, get people to feel your passion and join the cause.

  • Use your resources

    • Resources include time, money, social capital. Every little contribution counts. Self-organise, talk to stakeholders. If one stakeholder doesn't work out, find another that works and win their support.

3 tips to respond to discriminatory remarks

  • Stay Objective

    • The perpetrator may just being trying to egg you on. Don't give them the satisfaction

  • Use facts

    • Show them you know what you are talking about. Fact don't lie

  • Focus on the positives

    • Steer the conversation / focus away from the negatives and emphasise on the positives (i.e. achievements)

Women in sports reacting to negative comments

Chris Yip-Au, Football Coach

Gene Leck, Hockey Player

Ash Hashim, Futbolita

Pearlynn Lim, Floorballer

Wang Shao-Ing, Rugby Coach

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