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11 October, 2022 - Soccer Girl Goals Feature ● 3 minute read ● 459 words

A 2 - 1 Win for Indonesia against the Lionesses in the Women's 'A' International Friendly


Last night Singapore faced off against Indonesia in the Women's 'A' International Friendly. The last time these 2 teams met each other was in the AFF Women's Championship 2022 where Singapore won 2 - 0. However, in this friendly, the tables were turned as Indonesia emerged winners with a score of 2 - 1.

"My expectation was to improve my players. For the senior team, we have a big gap with the Philippines and Thailand, so now we want to develop the younger players and we will target the SEA games and Asian Cup," said Indonesia's Coach, Rudy Eka, about his expectations of this friendly.

Singapore vs Indonesia
Singapore vs Indonesia - Women's 'A' International Friendly 2022. PHOTO: SOCCER GIRL GOALS

Singapore started off strong in the first 5 minutes with great build-up play and a few attempts at goal. However, it did not take long before Indonesia found their rhythm and started sneaking behind Singapore's defense with well timed passes and quick runs from the Indonesia Forward, Marsela Yuliana Awi.

At the 27th minute, Singapore Forward, Stephanie Dominguez, played a high pressure game, stealing the ball off an Indonesian defender, who promptly brought Dominguez down in the box, resulting in a penalty for Singapore. Alas, the hope for Singapore to score the opening goal was dashed by the Indonesian Keeper, Prihatini, who accurately anticipated Dominguez's penatly kick to the bottom left on the goal and promptly parried it away.

Singapore vs Indonesia
Singapore vs Indonesia - Women's 'A' International Friendly 2022. PHOTO: SOCCER GIRL GOALS

The game spiced up in the second half as Indonesia scored the opening goal in the 51st minute when Singapore Keeper, Noor Kusumwati, failed to intercept the cross from Indonesia Forward, Carla Bio Pattinasarany's allowing the ball to fall neatly for a tap-in by her teammate, Awi.

In the 86th minute, Singapore managed to pull one back with amazing build up play starting from a pass in midfield, a backheel from Singapore Forward, Nur Izzati Rosni and a left-footed shot into goal from Singapore Forward, Nur Farhanah Ruhaizat.

Coming back from a knee injury only 2 weeks ago, the Singapore goal scorer had only one goal in mind. "Playing forward, your goal is to score or at least to assist. So that was my goal, to either put it on target or just cross it in, and fortunately for me it went in."

Singapore vs Indonesia - Women's 'A' International Friendly 2022. PHOTO: SOCCER GIRL GOALS

However, Indonesia was not going down without a fight. In injury time, Indonesia Midfielder, Helsya Meisyaroh, scored the winning goal, making the most out of an opportunity that tested the attentiveness of Singapore Substitute Keeper, Nur Izyan Ahmad.

"The Singapore team was very good in the second half. But lucky we were able to score the goal in the last minute. I appreciated that the [Singapore] Coach was trying to develop his players by putting another goalkeeper to play. But yes, the results make us happy because our ranking is going up." Coach Rudy Eka on the results of the match.